Monday, May 31, 2010

India Design & Innovation 1

As it says on the Design Observer article The Subtle Technology of Indian Artisanship by Ken Botnick and Ira Raja: "From saris to hand-painted signs, design thinking is an unacknowledged force in Indian craft."

My plan is to document the various instances of design innovation or just plain visual quirkiness that happen to come across my path here in Bombay and also hopefully anywhere else in India if and when I travel.

I choose not to offer any kind of prejudiced views or analysis on the content simply because I cannot claim to have either the expertise or the experience to have an informed or enlightened point of view on the material.

Here is a video of a signage maker who works across the road from my current office.

The very dangerous yet comfortable 'Seat-Belt' adjustor which is a simple clip:

There is also the often observed but hardly documented art found on the local transport service vehicles.

Besides ofcourse the very intentional 'art-smart' like the following found in the Horniman Circle Garden.