Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chat Register 3

shauncoutinho: 2 GB is the single player version...
we want multiplayer!
me: yaaa
shauncoutinho: so we can KHILL u
kheeeeel uuuu
me: so we can killl alllllllllllllllllll
shauncoutinho: and kill some xerox machines also
me: eh why i like xerox machines
i'll settle for some typewriters tho
shauncoutinho: so the keys can fly out and spell something
me: and, i say, let them spell DHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
oh but dont they have only one 'E'
shauncoutinho: there arent' so many eee
me: ah knew there was a problem
shauncoutinho: no problem, we'll blow up a bunch of typewriters!
me: ah, Jeeves, u scinitillate today, what a brainwave...for brains you up there among the best
shauncoutinho: thank u sir
(i kno)
or respectful cough?
me: like the distant bleeting of a diffident sheep on a mountain top!
shauncoutinho: baaaaah
me: but now to follow one of ur sayings, u put it so well i say, if 'twere done, it twere well done if it 'twere don quickly
there is a tide in the affairs of men, which when taken at the flood leads to good fortune
shauncoutinho: our fortune being the **** book?
me: lets serve a noll prosequi to work and test intra office network

me: so are we testing LAN
shauncoutinho: are we?
me: i think we should keep a regular tab
shauncoutinho: we can transfer files too and fro
me: ah...rem acu tetigisti...u've put your finger on the nub of the problem again
lets start
shauncoutinho: ok you copy files to the **** folder on my comp
and then i'll copy them back
me: eh?
shauncoutinho: lemony plan eh?
me: there seems to be a miscommunication somewhere
shauncoutinho: networks not workin as it should?
me: i think we need to choose teams
shauncoutinho: im on ur side, we'll fight isaax together
isaax has a better ring to it
than *****
me: yes now we've hit the nail on the head
shauncoutinho: nail to the heart
me: hmmm...maybe we petition his parents if he has any
and ask him to do the required changes to their product file
shauncoutinho: they probably want to be rid of him too
we'll be doin them a favour
me: ah...what better way to do that than rename him isaax and refuse to recognise him after
shauncoutinho: like the son they always had but wish they had a daughter in stead
yes all legal documentation shall be rendered invalid after that
me: only this daughter has a fungal growth on the upper lip
shauncoutinho: and sparse growth on the cheeks
me: i'm telling u he might have been interchanged as a kid by a wicked gypsy for a duck and he's been like that ever since

me: dudde **** is THIRTY bloody Five GBeee
shauncoutinho: thirty five ebbegeebees worth 3 rupees each
me: ah thats only 105 rupees shaun
shauncoutinho: worth rs 3 per MB
me: ah more like it...
shauncoutinho: lets tell him that
we're charging you ONLY rs 3 per MB

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