Monday, June 19, 2006

oriental inspiration and copy-cat thinking

am reading "The lady & the monk" by Pico Iyer and the following are a few lines that came to me...never been to Japan...and this is just an attempt in words to describe the image that i have of the place, in my head...

Oh you golden feathered country,
the dazzling plumage that you will shed.
Born from the flames of the burning sun,
Oh you phoenix of the August.

1 comment:

  1. arrey i didnt understand those words, only !
    Tch Tch.... i must improve my english. Keep writing sir.
    Would love to keep reading !
    And u told me that my blog was an inspiration when u wrote this..... well to be honest u were the inspiration to write mine. U only said at cuppa once..." deesee... all ur travel stories must be written about. And when ur old, it will be a good read" !
    So .. Voila !!!