Saturday, August 19, 2006


one of my very few colour sketches...usually prefer a normal pencil. Was sitting and doin nothing. There was a box of chalk-crayons and my hand in front of is the result.

Had finished reading Salman Rushdie's " Shalimar-the clown" and had this image of a Kashmiri woman in my head. Dont know if the sketch looks like a kashmiri woman...i dont even know what their basic features are or what kind of clothes they wear, did not do any research on them...just sat down and drew this. After i finished this, I named it the "The Blue Valley" for some reason...

ah...the BEST bus of Bombay...mumbaichi parivahan illustration done for a book i was designing(along with other designers, thru Design Intervention for Tara Ultimo) on Bombay.
The process was too painfull and long for some reason...but i quite like the end result.



    FINALLY. Bout time !
    Someday ur gonna thank me for this brilliant suggestion !

  2. i remember seeing all of these..

    'bout time you got a website to put up your work ya?

    love the sketches. cheers!