Thursday, May 24, 2007


its been a while now...actually 5 months.
I heard people blog everyday...hmmmm. What do these people write about? Apparently their own lives, things they do, or anything thats going on in their head at the time they blogging. Oh! they also put up pictures. Verry nice...only some of them actually.
Many things have happened to and around me too, which I could have written about...but I doubt the entertainment value of such an endeavour. As in, I will be seriously worried about the sanity of a person who will come everyday to my blog just to check out what animal I resembled when I woke up in the morning or how I felt when the boss hit me over the head with the keyboard.
Besides, most of the time I hardly have anything worthwhile to say.
Like right now...I am just blabbering away. Why? Just because I felt like it. And whatever I am writing is not entertaining or interesting. So I think I should just stop.


  1. dude...i like your blog. and anyway, i like reading blogs about people's everyday lives. much better than a blog that has an 'agenda' - because life without an agenda is just so much more interesting and beautiful. keep writing. you're far from mediocre. you're good.

  2. Yes Yes.... I agree with Kris !
    Good stuff. Nice to See ur Still Writing.