Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chat Register 1

shauncoutinho: the eagle is in the cage
me: eh?what what what what what
shauncoutinho: the rabbit is in thebag
the kangaroo is in the pouch
me: the what is in the what? are you alright my dear seem to be weirdly drifting back to your animal roots.

I say STOP! Stick around, life's bound to get better if not worse. Anyway why go thru life looking like an overdone beef chop...take it with a pinch of salt i is not get out of it alive anyway...
shauncoutinho: fine, if you want me to spell it out for you (numbskull) the CD is in the TRAYme: weirdly interest that the CD i might or might not have given you 5 min ago...i am not confessign to anything until i get more information before you accuse my dear lemon of being numb

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