Wednesday, February 24, 2010


DOUBLE is here!!! SACHIN SACHIN SACHIN!!! :D awesomeness!!! jump jump...thump the table...sing the tune !!!

SACHIN aaala re aaala!!!

2 bloddy hundred...and jumping in the office! superrrr

this ones for all the sachin fanatics!

and HE scored it exactly 22 years from the day he and kambli scored the record 664 runs!

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  1. Hhehhee... IM not big on cricket. But i happened to watch highlights of the Innings. Truly Masterclass. Grace, Class, and a true gentleman who has neevr ever been in the middle of any controversy and let his bat do the talking alone. The Aussies could learn from him. He truly deserves to be on a Worldcup winning team. SHould have won it in 1996 at Home. Hopefully will win it this time on subcontinent pitches too.

    P.s: Pricky Ponting .....FUCK U