Tuesday, August 31, 2010

India Design & Innovation 2 & Food Typograghy

For the second part of what I hope is a series of updates, I found the sign painter at work on a wood board sign. After having drawn the guide-lines and a rough sketch of the letters, he painted them in with utmost diligence and very good precision. The board by itself looks beautiful, with the wooden texture and grains as background for the pure white type.

(please turn the volume on the video to mute unless you enjoy listening to bombay traffic)

On the very same day, a passionate typographer & devanagari typophile, Girish Dalvi dropped in at the office. "He teaches Typography and Cyberculture. Since 2006 he is pursuing his doctoral research at the Industrial Design Centre in IIT Bombay. His areas of focus in research include the history of Devanāgarī typography and Classification Theories. Currently he is working towards the development a conceptual model for the structural analysis of Devanāgarī typefaces."

Girish had just delivered a lecture at Sir. J.J.School of Art & Architecture, and the students had gifted him a box full of - devanagari letter shaped savouries.

Of course we demolished it immediately after these snaps were taken.

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